Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Global Showcase 2016



The NFTE Global Showcase* 2016, presented by MasterCard, was held on March 30th at the Cipriani 25 Broadway in New York City. The event celebrated NFTE’s extraordinary teachers and alumni from around the world with over 400 attendees coming together and featured special guests, Chelsea Clinton and Troy Carter and joined by Lee Hawkins who was the moderator for the event.


Representing Singapore as Global Young Entrepreneur and Global Enterprising Educator, we had Seri Harnanie Bte Abdul Razak, a Secondary 4 student from Evergreen Secondary School and Mr Mohammad Amirul, a teacher from Evergreen Secondary School respectively. While in Singapore, Seri seized the opportunity of being mentored by the corporate volunteers and developed her business plan for her business idea of opening a Halal K-Pop Café. On top of what was done during the in-curriculum programme, Seri spent another 3 weeks preparing a display set of her business idea using clay, cardboard and finally putting it in display case.




Upon returning from New York City, this is what Seri and Amirul had to say about the overall NFTE experience:


The NFTE programme has helped me to step out of my comfort zone teaching me how to communicate my ideas and opinions more effectively. I used to be a soft spoken girl, afraid to express what I was thinking. But now I realised that it’s important to learn how to express yourself clearly. What stood out to me the most when I was in New York City was how it’s not just about the starting a business but how you choose to run your business matters too. From the big things like vision casting, knowing your values and advertising to the little things such as how you present yourself and treat your peers and employees. They play a part in the overall picture. Saying that you’re from Normal Technical does not mean it’s the end. That is an excuse for you to stop trying and aiming for what you want in life. If people say you can’t do something, show them that you can. Don’t let anyone put limitations on your ability. Keep trying, prove to them that you got the potential but you just take longer route rather than the shortcut.– Seri Harnanie Bte Abdul Razak, Best Business Plan (Singapore), NFTE Global Young Entrepreneur


The NFTE journey had been a positive one from the very beginning. To be honest, I was not expecting anything at the start thinking that it was part of my duty in the Normal Technical Committee in the school. But as time progressed, I realised how important and powerful this programme is for the Normal Technical stream students. For someone that doesn’t get many opportunities because they have been stereotyped by a certain perception, this programme widens their horizon and provides opportunities these youths might not think they can have. Many positive changes can be seen on every student who completed the NFTE programme no matter how small it is. Students learned a great deal of our school values which are Respect, Integrity, Commitment and Enterprise, during the whole course of the programme.Mr Mohammad Amirul, Best Educator (Singapore), NFTE Global Enterprising Educator