National Young Leaders’ Day (NYLD)

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Halogen’s youth events have always been a central element of efforts to reach out and sow seeds of inspiration in the minds of Singapore’s young leaders. Our Young Leaders’ Days (YLDs) are run on the model and best practices of Australia & New Zealand’s very own leaders from diverse field to share their life stories and lessons on leadership to the young participants. NYLD aims to inspire and empower young leaders to rise up and play an even more significant leadership role in Singapore today and in the future.


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  • NYLD

(for Secondary School and Tertiary students)


  • NYLD Primary Edition

(for Upper Primary School students)


  • NYLD Women Edition

(for Female students)


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NYLD aims to:


  • Expose youths to a myriad of perspectives and experiences that will enable them to broaden their horizons


  • Impart values, cultivate empathy and build resilience through learning about the experiences of others in dealing with uncertainties and challenges in life


  • Reinforce the personal convictions of youths to allow them to reach their fullest potential


  • Inspire action from knowledge and values acquired with practical steps that youths can apply in their daily lives


  • Impact a generation of young people who will lead themselves and others well by being a positive influence in their community.


What people say:


“After NYLD, I found my purpose with Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations. It has made a difference in my choice of degree and choice of work after I left Polytechnic… Attending NYLD lit the spark in me. I am currently talking to different people and plan to kickstart my own community project.”
– Rachel Yeo, Temasek Polytechnic Student, Communications & Media Management


“The stories shared were interesting, engaging and inspiring!”
Eileen Ong, Secondary School Teacher


“Halogen has taken it upon yourself to encourage leadership and the communication of global issues. Simply by discussing the issues, is very valuable to young people. They gain inspiration from what they hear. Good work Halogen! Keep it up!”
– Lyn Lee, Co-founder of Awfully Chocolate, NYLD 2013 Speaker


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