Award Mechanics

Assessment Criteria


Nominees to be 15–19 years old as of year 2017


The rubric is developed to measure five key domains that we believe young leaders need to act upon – to be actively involved* in community, driving engagement* in their community (national and world issues), acting on conviction* on issues they believe in, demonstrating self leadership* and the ability to work well and lead in groups*.


* Involvement – being active in their immediate community (class, CCAs, neighbourhood)

* Engagement – leading their immediate community to be involved in nation or worldwide issues

* Conviction – acting on issues and passion areas that he/ she believes in.

* Self Leadership – leading oneself well and is a positive influence to those around them

* Group Leadership – working well in teams to achieve common goals



Selection Process


 The award nominees are evaluated based on the following components:

• Round 1 Panel Score (Administered by Halogen) 

• Round 2 Panel Score (Administered by External Panel)

• Student Leadership Practices Inventory* Score

• Online Public Voting


* As part of The Leadership Challenge®, The Student Leadership Practices Inventory, is a leadership development tool to help young people measure their leadership behaviours and take action to improve their effectiveness as a student leader.