2017 Finalists

NYLA 2017 Finalist - Lim Jun Yao Noel


Noel Lim Jun Yao
Serangoon Garden Secondary School


Completing his final year at Serangoon Garden Secondary School, Noel believes that the best way to overcome challenges is to not give up. Through constant self-reflection and encouragements from his teachers, he persevered and successfully got promoted from the NT to NA stream. He believes the smallest actions can create a ripple effect. Helping people comes in the simplest forms, such giving up his seat. Beyond his school positions, Noel is a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), devoted to educating the community on disaster preparedness. He strongly believes the function of leadership does not lie in creating more followers but in grooming more leaders.



NYLA 2017 Finalist - Trina Ng Hai Ling


Trina Ng Hai Ling
Assumption English School


Trina believes that the basis of leadership is driven by mutual trust and respect. Graduating from Assumption English School, Trina’s leadership journey started when she wanted to help the voice of the student body be heard. As the elected President of the Student Council, Trina is passionate about people and is seen as a people’s leader. Her members often approach her and share their woes. She believes that through cheering her friends on and supporting them, she can make someone’s day better, and perhaps even save someone’s life. In future, she hopes to pursue a career that will allow her to continue this passion of impacting lives around her.



NYLA 2017 Finalist - Puvanaswaran Sio Maniam


Puvanaswaran Manikam
ITE College East


Pursuing his second year in Applied Food Science at ITE College East, Puvan was appointed as General Secretary on the Executive Committee of the ITE College East Student Council. Despite being the same age, his peers see him as a leader and a mentor. Being responsible, caring and discipline are his guiding values for both his leadership and his life. These 3 values are weaved into how he cares for his family, is responsible for his words and disciplined in his studies. A believer in the power of second chances, Puvan aspires to be a prison officer to mentor inmates as well as change the perspectives that people have of convicts and ex-convicts.



NYLA 2017 Finalist - Hannah Wong Teen Teen


Hannah Wong Teen Teen
Serangoon Junior College


Genuine and cheerful, Hannah credits her positive personality to the challenging experience of being bullied in secondary school. Overcoming this tough period, it inspired her to be the source of warmth and support for someone who may be going through what she had. As Serangoon Junior College Community Champions Council’s former president, she serves with a contagious passion, inspiring many others to see value in community service. She united her team together,leading them towards the goal of bettering lives. Since working with the children from AWWA Special Student Care Centre, Hannah often shares her experiences in hopes of challenging the misconceptions surrounding children with special needs.



NYLA 2017 Finalist - Joseph Johnathan Zhao Zhiwei


Joseph Johnathan Zhao Zhiwei
National University of Singapore (NUS)


Joseph’s leadership stands firmly on 3 values – courage, putting others before self and accountability. Pursuing a Degree in Medicine (NUS), he intends to pursue 3 different interests – humanitarian aid missions, medical entrepreneurship and sports medicine. Since he was 14, he has also been representing Singapore as a long-jump athlete and won Singapore’s first Long Jump Gold medal at the ASEAN School Games. He seeks to empower the financially disadvantaged and has been passionately tutoring underprivileged primary school students pro bono for the past 4 years as well as mentoring an individual for 2 years. Joseph’s passion, dedication and determination have led him to establish 2 of his own passion projects.