2016 Finalists

NYLA 2016 Finalist - Tiffany Chee Fong Yi


Tiffany Chee Fong Yi
Junyuan Secondary School


Tiffany is a Secondary 5 student in Junyuan Secondary School. Even as the President of the student council, she believes there is no shame in following others because the goal is to serve the school and society. Hard work and resilience are two values she lives by to overcome any challenges, from academics to life. Taking to heart the advice her father always tells her, she understands that falling is essential in order to get back up. With this spirit of resilience, she teaches her juniors to likewise never give up.



NYLA 2016 Finalist - Pearlyn Low Ling Hui


Pearlyn Low Ling Hui
Victoria Junior College


Pearlyn is a Year 2 student at Victoria Junior College. She is the Secretary of the student council. A servant leader by nature, she is always the first to be wherever help is needed. Pearlyn prefers to work on the ground, where she can give direct support to her peers. Empowering others to lead, she often tells her peers to have the courage to take up opportunities presented to them. She finds it difficult to turn down an opportunity to assist others, and when asked why, her answer was simple. “If I can, I should and I will.”



NYLA 2016 Finalist - Lavanya Selvamani


Lavanya Selvamani
Meridian Junior College


Lavanya is a Year 2 student at Meridian Junior College. She believes that relationship comes before leadership. The former Vice President of the student council had to step down when she repeated her 1st year in MJC. Embracing this setback, she overcame and inspired many others to remain positive in tough times. In pursuit of different ways to influence positively, she created a public Instagram account “@lavquotez” where she would post motivational quotes to encourage fellow peers. Her favourite quote she lives by is to “aspire to inspire before I expire”.



NYLA 2016 Finalist - Darien Soh Zi Hao


Darien Soh Zi Hao
Temasek Junior College


Darien graduated from Temasek Junior College and his leadership journey started in Bedok Green Secondary School, where he took up multiple leadership roles, most notably, the President of his school’s student council. His belief to “Share, Love and Care” grew in Secondary School when he experienced how the sincere support from his peers and teachers changed his attitude towards life. Supporting this personal motto, Darien volunteers for many various causes and is the Citizen Engagement Secretary of Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre, Youth Executive Committee (YEC).



NYLA 2016 Finalist - Darien Soh Zi Hao


Bryan Tan Guang Jun
ITE College East


Bryan believes that persevering and staying positive is key to overcoming difficult times. Graduating from ITE College East as the Top Graduate, he is currently in his second year studying engineering in Singapore Polytechnic. He aspires to become an engineer in the petroleum industry. In his free time, Bryan serves as a Grassroots Leader in Yew Tee Constituency. His passion for serving the under-privileged community stems having been part of the same community. He feels that in any way he can help others, he should.