2015 Finalists


NYLA 2015 Finalists




Hay Choon Leong
ITE College Central


Choon Leong is the President of the Library Club. His cheerful and positive can-do attitude is what makes him stand out as a leader. Despite having selling dumplings part-time to earn his own keep, he ensures that his studies are not neglected and was even awarded the Top Student Award in 2013. To many, selling dumplings may not be the most glorious tale to tell but to Choon Leong, he is proud of it and would even promote his stall to his peers. Choon Leong strongly believes in this mantra: “Take every opportunity as the last one, and that the opportunity will bring you far, and that you can do it.”




Lincoln Lee Ming Tze
Anglo-Chinese School (International)


Lincoln Lee is the President of the Student Ambassadors, where he had the opportunity to plan and execute large-scale events for the school community. He moved to Singapore from Malaysia over a year ago and has learnt how to live independently. Lincoln upholds high standards for himself and he believes that everyone can do better than what they have achieved so far. Whenever he feels down, this quote comes to his mind: “Success is not measured by how much you have done but how much you have learnt. Leadership is not how much you are obeyed but how much you are respected”.




Daniel Lopez
Innova Junior College


Daniel is the President of Change.pacer Council. According to his teacher mentor, Daniel stands out as a natural leader due to his charismatic demeanor such that his efforts to improve himself allows him to become a role model for his peers. Daniel’s passion lies in people. He hopes that people will not judge their self-worth on how well they do and thus limit what they do. Instead, he believes in the potential of everyone and works diligently to continuously improve himself. To him, he does not quit whenever he has committed to something. His motto in life is “Find your purpose and find your meaning.”




Shaun Seah Sheng An
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)


Shaun Seah is a Scholar under the Humanities Scholars Programme. Shaun is also a committed individual who ensures that he is able to fulfil the duties as a Venture Patrol Leader in Venture Scouts in ASCI and lead his juniors in National Cadet Corps (NCC) as a Cadet Lieutenant in his previous alma-mater, Maris Stella High School. Shaun is driven by the desire to exceed himself and believes that one should have the gumption to stand up for what he believes in. He defines leadership as the acknowledgment of the limitations of the human condition and balancing these human imperfections with the need to accomplish goals. To him, he stands strongly by the belief that “You do not have to be the best to try your best”.




Tai Si En, Amelia
Crescent Girls’ School


Amelia Tai is the Vice President of the Student Council as well as the Entrepreneurship Club. Her drive to lead and make a difference in the lives of her peers has allowed her to be well respected as a student leader since her primary school years. As a leader of tomorrow, she lives by the belief that “Everyone has leadership potential. All they need is a little push to show it.” Therefore, Amelia also takes on the role of a student mentor so she could ‘push’ her juniors to gradually realise their leadership potential.