2014 National Young Leader Award Winner

Ray Tan Guan Rui - National Young Leader Award 2014 Winner


Congratulations to the winner of the 2014 National Young Leader Award, Ray Tan Guan Rui, 18 years old, ITE College Central Year 2.


Ray shares, “What’s important is not how you start but how you end ~ Honestly it did not even crossed my mind that I’ll even be in the top 5 what more winning the award. What I really wanted to do from the start was just to inspire, encourage and share my story to the people that are experiencing what I once experienced.. I want to let them know that someone was once in their place before and managed to pull through. What really matters more is how they think and not what others think about them. It’s only the end if they think it’s the end. There are paths open and awaits you to take on the journey. So push on and strive hard”


To hear more about Ray’s story, watch his video here: