2014 Finalists


Aimee Griffiths




Aimee, a Year 5 student at Anglo Chinese School (International) has lived in countries all over the world. She was born in Zimbabwe, and grew up in Mozambique, Cambodia, United Kingdom and now resides in Singapore. She believes in the importance of servanthood and the ability to recognise various skills and talents of others. Aimee aspires to become a doctor, to use her skills and knowledge to “reach out to those who have less in life and help them find health and wholeness, as they fufill their God-given potential”.


Devesh Narayanan




Devesh, a Year 2 student at Meridian Junior College, moved to Singapore two years ago to pursue an ‘A’ Level certification. Through his college journey, he has taken up leadership roles, most notably, the vice president of his school’s Student Council. Through the various tasks that he has undertaken, he has learnt more about himself and picked-up many skills. He also cherishes all the bonds that he has forged along the way and believes that we should use what we have learnt “to make a meaningful contribution to society”.


Ray Tan Guan Rui




Ray has always been fascinated with all things aviation, which is why he currently studies in NITEC Aerospace Avionics at ITE College Central. Currently, as a Year 2 student and president of his college’s Student Council, he strives to make a difference in others’ lives and tries to achieve this by first scouting for opportunities to equip himself. As a leader, he aspires to set a good example for his followers by being responsible and reliable. His challenge: “I strongly encourage everyone to take the initiative and be involved in things they are passionate about, and make a difference.”


Sean Teng Chi Yang




Sean is currently a Year 2 student at Victoria Junior College. During his schooling years, he has championed various leadership roles in his school’s prefectorial board, National Police Cadet Corps, Senior Leaders and Interact Club. He summarises what he has learnt through taking up these roles in one sentence: “the power of leadership is found in influence, not authority”. He finds leadership enjoyable as it is through it that he has forged lasting relationships. He hopes to use his influence to make the lives of people around him “a little happier, and a little more interesting”.


Su Thida Htun



Thida, a Secondary 4 student at Crescent Girls’ School, has a dream to “make the world a better place than it is today”. She is Burmese and has been living in Singapore for almost 6 years now. She is currently preparing to take her ‘O’ Levels soon. In the future, she hopes to work in the areas of youth development, women empowerment or poverty alleviation. Her encouragement: “Live life fearlessly. Never doubt our abilities but challenge them. Make a difference to society and most importantly, do your best, be as bold as the night sky and let the stars shine with your power.”