National Young Leader Award (NYLA)



Complementing the Singapore Youth Award (for youths up to 35 years old), NYLA reaches out to a specific age group of young leaders ranging from 15 to 19 years old. This award is launched to recognise young leaders who are involved, engaged and have conviction in the things they do, regardless of their academic achievements.


By highlighting the stories of these young leaders, we hope it inspires a generation of young people to also rise up to make that positive contribution in their communities.


Nominations for 2017 is now closed!

National Young Leader Award Logo

Eligibility requirements:

15-19 years of age as of 2017


NYLA 2017 Road Map

Logo Significance

The four-pointed star emblem represents Halogen’s four organisational values of People, Integrity, Responsibility and Generosity in championing leadership development. These are values that guide our actions, and these are the same values that guide our selection of the finalists.


The three overlapping stars represent the three arenas that we see young leaders lead in: I (Self), Community and World. Through these arenas, we see our young leaders drive action in the form of Involvement, Engagement and Conviction.


The Halogen logo is symbolic of the modern filament light bulb. We see the potential of these young leaders to shine bright and illuminate their own lives and that of others through their leadership.




Winner Privileges

 The award winner will have the opportunity to:


  • Take on an internship stint (3-6 months) at Halogen Foundation Singapore upon completion of his/her tertiary education
  • Participate in a Student Leadership Challenge® workshop
  • Undergo hoozyu® assessment (powered by the Birkman Method® that helps young people make informed choices about course, career and life)


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