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A composite word comprising of both the terms ‘Habits’ and ‘Attitudes’, Habitudes®  is a fun, creative and engaging way for the next generation to learn and practice leadership. Habitudes® teaches timeless leadership principles through the power of an Image, a Conversation, and an Experience.


Today, Habitudes®  is being successfully run on a global scale, in arenas as far- ranging as Education, Government, Sports and Business. It allows educators to encourage students in developing:


  • Critical thinking skills that will enable them to make informed decisions in the future;
  • Greater empathy and minimise bullying; and
  • Positive peer influence

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Habitudes® Licensed Partner Endorsement by Dr Tim Elmore




  • Customised Workshop Series (Students & Educators)


Key Features


  • Habits + Attitude = ‘Habitudes’
  • Teaching timeless leadership principles through Images
  • Images = sticky lasting impact
  • Progressive leadership from the inside out


We believe that leadership is a timeless virtue, and so are its core principles such as integrity, self-discipline and responsibility. At Halogen, we too believe that in order for these principles to be internalised and lived out, they must first stand out, register, and stick. Images are a powerful means of communicating these crucial lessons.


Halogen Foundation Singapore is proud to be the Exclusive Licensed Partner of Growing Leaders to deliver the Habitudes® series of Accredited Programmes and Training Events in Singapore and South East Asia.




  • Remember, internalise and apply timeless leadership principles on a daily basis
  • To facilitate the reinforcement of a leadership culture amongst the student community
  • Capitalise on personal strengths to be career-ready upon graduation
  • Proactively and purposefully exert influence in their respective spheres
  • Create classroom and club environment that is conducive for better grades and performance
  • Develop critical thinking skills for better academic and life decisions
  • Become principled agents of change through using teachable moments as part of the Habitudes® programme


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Contact us for more information! For all enquiries on Habitudes®, please email us at leadership@halogen.sg.