Everyday Leadership™

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Everyday Leadership™ is Halogen’s in-house programme that is designed for easy understanding and application. It begins the development of student leaders from the inside out. It focuses first on personal growth, then group and shared responsibilities. In this way, students will learn how to lead themselves well before they too lead others.


Based from our IEA approach, each module follows an overarching framework of:


  • Being  (individual learning and development)
  • Knowing  (understanding concepts and circumstances)
  • Doing  (taking action)


This equips students with skills and knowledge, so that they can internalise and apply them to appropriate contexts.




  • Variable with minimum 1-hour session recommended
  • Can be presented as an inspirational talk

Key Features


  • Highly customisable according to your school’s developmental needs
  • Facilitates key conversations to understand your students needs and planning strategically ahead
  • Highly versatile in addressing leadership through stages


Our Everyday Leadership™  Modules are divide into 4 main categories: Foundational, Self, Group and Advanced Skills Leadership.

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Leadership Journey Progression


It begins with the core modules to teach the basics of leadership. Before progressing to the self and group leadership then advanced skills modules.


The table below list out the specific outcomes that are relevant to each particular stage of development.

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  • Acquire tangible skills and techniques
  • Easily understood and applied by students; ease of absorption and immediacy of use
  • Tailor-made formats according to specific needs of the school and students; high degree of customisation and flexibility to suit tight curriculum schedules
  • Holistic, comprehensive and progressive in its offerings
  • Inside-Out model ensures that values and self leadership principles are first internalised and practiced before extending outwards to a group context; more lasting impact


To find out more or to sign up for our programmes, email us at leadership@halogen.sg.