Equipping Educators Programme

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What makes today’s youth tick? How can I help them reach their best? How can I get my team of educators equipped and be on the same page?


To assist educators in being more effective, we have designed programmes that cover the design of youth development frameworks, discovering insights from emerging youth trends and leadership education, mentoring and evaluation.


They will be covered through these topics.


Understanding Youth Leadership Development And Their Framework Design


Participants will understand various leadership models and acquire skills in developing students as leaders. They will also design a leadership development framework and develop simple tools to evaluate and assess programme impact and effectiveness.


Understanding Youth Culture


What are Generation Y, Millennials and Generation Next? How do motivation, learning inclination and mindsets differ with each generation? In this workshop, participants will identify strategies to engage youth and be empowered as  advocates for character development initiatives in their schools.


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Mentoring Skills


What is mentoring about? How can a mentor help those under his or her wing? Through this session, mentors will learn how to perceive the needs of their mentees and guide them through listening well, building rapport and developing their strengths.


Facilitation Skills


Education often comes in the traditional forms of ‘chalk and talk’. More styles of learning have surfaced over the years. Facilitation is the art of asking questions ,where teachers are equipped with the right skills, that will enable students to ‘arrive’ at their personal learning that will impact them at a deeper level.




  • Variable with minimum 2-Hour Session recommended


To find out more or to sign up for our programmes, email us at leadership@halogen.sg.