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About Spark Fund


The Spark Fund is set up by Halogen Foundation Singapore in 2015 to support leadership and entrepreneurship development opportunities for our young people. The Fund provides a platform for contributions to be made towards our cause of building young leaders and entrepreneurs.


The Spark Fund offers scholarships and bursaries for youth leadership and entrepreneurship development programmes such as the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Class Scholarships to the less privileged youth to embark on a one- year entrepreneurship education journey. It costs about $1,000 to put one student through this one-year entrepreneurship programme.


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We hope to also contribute to larger objectives of:


  1. Enhancing social mobility and reducing elitism;
  2. Building an enduring and dynamic culture for entrepreneurship in Singapore.


Click here for a copy of the Spark Fund Donation Form.


Spark Fund Recognition


Donors are recognised through the following tiers based on their cumulative contributions over a 3-year period with the exception of the Spark Honour Hall.


Spark Honour Hall $250,000 and above

Spark Legend $25,000 and above

Spark Superhero $10,000 and above

Spark Hero $5,000 and above

Spark Supporter $1,000 and above


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Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)


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“When a student recognises a good programme, they will know and participate in it. I am impressed by the quality of this programme and also the commitment and professionalism of the Halogen team.”

– Mr. Martin Tan, Northlight Principal


The NFTE programme is positioned as an early intervention programme that seeks to give a leg up to youth from disadvantaged and underprivileged families. NFTE targets to primarily improve the social well-being of the youth in terms of (i) building their self-confidence and esteem, as well as (ii) developing an entrepreneurial mindset in them.


Programme Tracks Available


NFTE In-curriculum (School-based Programme)


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  • Teachers who are selected to administer this programme in their classrooms are required to go through “NFTE University” workshop, a 4-day training programme
  • Students will undergo 60 instructional hours spread over an average of 30 weeks of the NFTE curriculum conducted in class by the trained teachers


NFTE BizCamp


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  • An intensive 10-day non-residential camp where participants undergo the NFTE curriculum
  • Run by trainers from Halogen Foundation Singapore


Besides the core programme delivery in the form of In-Curriculum or BizCamp, Halogen also provides support for supplementary elements to build a year long developmental programme for the NFTE participants, including:


  • Leadership training components
  • Business and Field visits
  • Business Speakers Feature
  • BizPlan Competitions
  • Mentorship and Internship opportunities


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Yearly, a teacher and a student from the NFTE programme will be selected to represent Singapore at a global gala in the United States.


Some schools that have benefitted from the programme include Northlight School, Evergreen Secondary School and Pioneer Secondary School. We partnered Google for presentation coaches, Pizza Hut for business visits and G2000 for sponsorship of business attire.


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Impact of NFTE


At the tender age of 15, Xavier was left with no choice but to take on two part-time jobs due to his family’s unique circumstances. Unlike many peers his age, Xavier had to work hard in order to provide for the family. As a child, Xavier once dreamed of being an entrepreneur but he never thought it was possible due to his family background. Through our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme, Xavier was equipped with relevant entrepreneurial skills and presented with an opportunity to be one step closer to realising his dream.


You may check out  to learn more about how Xavier has benefited from the NFTE programme.


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Xavier was also chosen to represent Singapore for NFTE US showcase in New York in March 2015.