Our Approach


We believe that sustainable impact is created when change happens from the inside out. By focusing on transforming negative mindsets and beliefs, we work on establishing a strong foundation through which character can be shaped upon. One must have that clarity in their beliefs and values to be able to make clear, rational, responsible and consistent decisions. That way, youths will also be less susceptible to external environmental influences that serve to alter their actions and behaviour.

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The Halogen Cycle


We seek to understand your leadership and entrepreneurship development goals to partner you in designing, developing and delivering content that will be beneficial for both youth and youth influencers.

In the Halogen Cycle, we work with you to:

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How Does The Halogen Circle Help You?


By going through this process of mapping, a customised curriculum will be generated to more effectively target key areas of focus identified. This holistic approach will allow you to identify your short and long term goals as you create a youth developmental plan that best fit your school’s needs and maximises your resources.

Our Domains


Leadership cannot simply be taught as theories or ideologies. It has to take place in domains that draw young people to pay attention and resolve to become great leaders.


We believe that there are three key domains – Inspiration, Education, Action (IEA) – in engaging our youths:


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