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Us In a Nutshell


Founded in 2003, Halogen Foundation Singapore is a values–based, not-for-profit Institution of Public Character (IPC) dedicated to youth leadership and entrepreneurship development.


We are committed to building young leaders and entrepreneurs who will practically change the world in issues they believe in. Our dream is to impact as many youth as possible and raise a generation who cares enough to make a difference where they are, and through them, change the world for better. We invite you to join us, as we embark on a journey to make this dream a reality.


Watch this video to hear the experiences of our youths and partners:



Our Mission


To inspire and influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well.



Our Vision


To be the recognised charity dedicated to transforming the lives of young people through leadership and entrepreneurship development.



Our Definition of Leadership


Leadership is influence. Leadership is not about positions of power but positions of influence.


“Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” – John Maxwell
“Leadership is everyone’s business” – James Kouzes and Barry Posner



Our Values


Halogen Foundation Singapore champions leadership not for selfish gain, but to serve the community and the world.



We believe every individual is of great worth and has a purpose to fulfill. Every person should be given the platform and opportunity to shine regardless of their background.



We commit to upholding honesty and good character in all that we do. Integrity is the hallmark of great character and great character is the hallmark of great leadership.



We have a part to play in the community and need to be accountable for our words and actions. Leadership is a privilege and not a right.



We seek to be giving and serving in the communities we are in and empowering others to do the same. Leadership is not about being served but it is about serving.



Our Logo

Halogen Logo

The filament of the modern Halogen light-bulb is surrounded by a Halogen gas compound. The gas protects the filament and provides the conditions for it to burn hotter, longer and brighter than ever before. In a world where leaders seem to be switching off, or burning out regularly, the decisions made by those who will lead in the near future have never been more important.


Why Halogen?


The Halogens are a highly reactive group of elements in the periodic table. Halogen elements can either form compounds which are highly toxic or highly useful for daily life. We see leadership in the same way. Through history, we have seen leaders who mobilised their followers for either destructive or constructive ends. How will each of us choose to use our influence? Will we be excellent leaders who will use our influence to bring about great positive good to the world?


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